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Burmese Startups Are On Their Own

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With the surge being observed in many developing countries in terms of their economic growth and privately-owned small and medium businesses, each country has to face problems of its own. In sundry countries many e-commerce ventures like Kaymu have always tried to accommodate and facilitate startups and entrepreneurial activities to boost the countries’ e-commerce sector. However, in some of the countries like Myanmar, startups face particular problems. According to different sources, following are some of the major hurdles faced by Burmese startups and how do they cope up with it. (more…)

The biggest property expo by a property website in Myanmar

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iMyanmarHouse is one of our startup community member. But today it already become a corporate company, not just a startup anymore. Founder, Nay Min Thu, is a real estate website pioneer, based in Singapore. He started a property website in Singapore for Myanmar in Singapore and others permanent workers. (more…)