11 May

The biggest property expo by a property website in Myanmar

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iMyanmarHouse is one of our startup community member. But today it already become a corporate company, not just a startup anymore. Founder, Nay Min Thu, is a real estate website pioneer, based in Singapore. He started a property website in Singapore for Myanmar in Singapore and others permanent workers. The website shweroom already become a no.1 website for Myanmar to rely on finding property. Later 2011, he came back Myanmar and started the company called iMyanmar. iMyammarHouse has lots of competitors in Myanmar and some of their competitors are also our community members. However we appreciate and support every entrepreneurs in Myanmar to grow higher in the field.

Nay Min Thu launched the Myanmar biggest property expo in early May. It got over 10,000 visitors within two days. He said ” This is Myanmar’s Biggest Property Expo – on opening ceremony and first day, we were graced by the attendance of 2 VIPs – Minister of National Planning & Economic Development and President’s Economic Advisor and by Over 5000 visitors. Beside running the listing website, iMyanamrHouse is publishing monthly property magazine. The website, itself, is full with lots of relevant content for visitors. They have own content creators, developers, writers and journalists.

The event is participated by over 50 construction company and real estate agents. They had show room and showed out their property lists. Many Myanmar people are seeing the real estate market as an investing area. But we’re seeing tech startups and markets are the best place to invest for now and even for the future.

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